About Me

I grew up in Irvine, California and Suzhou, China, and moved to San Diego in 2015 to start my undergraduate education. I graduated with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Math-Applied Science at UC San Diego in 2019, where I worked with Francesco Paesani on studying ionic hydration using molecular dynamics. I developed my love of mathematics, modeling, and programming during undergrad. During undergrad, I also interned at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the Defense Technologies Engineering and the Quantum Simulations Group.


I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to start graduate school at MIT in chemical engineering, where I joined the Bazant group to study transport problems in lithium-ion batteries. There, I discovered a newfound interest for statistical physics and thermodynamics. I am a MIT Presidential Fellow, and my hobbies include reading, baking dessert, playing with corgis, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I also like to write my own one-shots for Dungeons and Dragons: here's an example of one.